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If you’ve ever driven around on the backroads of New York State, you’ll find some very interesting things. Outside of farms and abandoned houses, you’ll most likely find history. That is just what I found on Friday when we came across Pratt Rock.

What exactly is Pratt Rock? Pratt Rock or sometimes called Pratt’s Rock or Pratt Rocks is rockface that includes a series of stone carvings similar to Mount Rushmore in that matter. But it’s different in the fact it doesn’t have faces of former Presidents and the annual amount of tourism it creates is quite less.


But why is this here? Well, Zadock Pratt, the namesake of Prattsville, wanted it. After his son was killed in the Second Battle Of Bull Run during the Civil War, he wanted to make a memorial remembering his son, George W. Pratt.

Zadock Pratt wasn’t just a depressed father, he was also a tanner, banker, soldier, and member of the United States House of Representatives. Supposedly the story goes that a stone-cutter wanted money but Pratt offered him a job instead thus creating the carvings.

The location is a small little area off the side of the road, with picnic tables and this gravestone. Which signifies a number of Pratt’s beloved dogs and horses that were buried here.

To get to the Rock is quite a hike.


And thanks to trees you’ll have to climb all the way up to top because you’ll be unable to see it from the road or even most of the trail up the hill.img_6745a

When you finally get to the top, you’ll see a bench has been cut off of the rockface.img_6753

You’ll see this design in the rockface.img_6754

This logo has been cut into the rockface as well.img_6759

As well as this one.img_6760

There’s a little closet-like space cut into the rockface, it was originally supposed to be where Zadock would be buried. But due to the rock leaking, it didn’t occur. img_6763

This sculpture showcases his work within the government.img_6770

There’s a side profile of his son George.


Here’s the main part of the rock showcasing Zadock’s name and date birth.


And here is his face, which you can barely see due to the angle I was standing.img_6777

While it’s nice to see, I just wish there was an easier way to see it. If only they would have cut down the trees and allow a better view from the ground. Because the trail is not only steep, it’s not very well maintained. But well worth the hike!

img_6782 Have you ever visited Pratt Rock? Have you even heard of it? What are the odd things you’ve seen located on the side of the road?