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image16Did you know one of the oldest forests recorded in the whole entire world is located in a small town called Gilboa which is just a little over an hour outside of New York state’s capital Albany?

It’s true.

The Gilboa Fossils, which are coincidentally located in Gilboa, New York a small town in Schoharie County are part of Earth’s oldest forest. Dating back to roughly 380 million years ago during the Devonian Period the fossils are some of the only survivors in the world. They are the remains of the trees which have been fossilized and were uncovered during a flash flood that occurred in the area. Palebotanists, dealing with the study and identification of plant remains to reconstruct the past environments, in 1920 was excavating for a damn to supply New York City and discovered the fossils.

There is a roadside attraction of a few of the fossils located near the Post Office in Gilboa. While they make look like rocks, they’re actually tree stumps.


You can read a little history about them and of course take pictures. But don’t touch them because you can ruin them.image21

The sign or kiosk helps to explain how old they are, how they got there. As well as the history of Gilboa and those who found the fossils. img_6842You can find this location near the Gilboa Post Office, which is across the street from the Town Hall and various other municipal buildings. To find this location take Route 990V east from Route 30 and go over the Schoharie Creek Bridge, this exhibit will easily be seen from the road.

You can learn more about these Fossils by visiting The Gilboa Museum or at least check out The Gilboa Museum’s website.