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The other day I visited Pratt’s Rock, which was a creation in honor of Zadock Pratt. A few miles down the road is his final resting place, which originally was supposed to be in the rock face but ended up being of all places in a cemetery.

Zadock Pratt, who I discussed how he was a Unted State Congressman as well as a tannery. He was very popular and quite rich. He lived from 1790 to 1871 during which he founded Prattsville.

On his gravestone, you can read his accomplishments which include when he reduced the price of postage and surveyed the railroad to travel to the Pacific Ocean.

Pratt is one of 338 interments in this small cemetery. There are various others buried here who passed in between 1820 and 1920. Some of the graves have been preserved, while others have been weathered and damaged.


As you can also see in this photo.


This cemetery is very small, located near the Schoharie Creek, there’s a small parking lot, but it may be part of the house located next door. Park with caution. img_6902

You can take a look at some more photos I took of this cemetery by checking out my Flickr page.