I Want to start this by admitting I wasn’t the closest with Jason, but you didn’t need to be. He was someone who exuded happiness and could fill a building with his laughter. Those that are close with him will tell stories of his loyalty and willingness to do everything for his friends. That is a trait that is few and far in between these days, and one that should be honored and cherished. I met Jason through our shared love of professional wrestling. Every event I attended I knew the second I ran into Jason that the night was going to be better than I had planned. At any given point in a night you could hear a loud raspy voice holler “WE WANT CAPTAIN,” even though the rest of the audience would vehemently disagree. Always sitting from row with his sailor’s cap on ready to heckle any and every performer that walked through that curtain. That will be my memory of Jason.

Jason had another love and that was hockey. The Syracuse Crunch could have a sellout crowd thick in the middle of the playoffs and there would be one voice heard over all of the rest. Whether cheering for the Crunch or berating the hated Utica Comets, Jason would be giving it his every bit of being. And again, his support and passion for wrestling and hockey are a direct representation of his character. The way he would never miss a game, a wrestling match, or an opportunity to cheer his favorites and boo those he hated. That is Jason to the core and those closest will attest to that. He gave himself to everything he did each day. He gave all he had to his friendships, his family, those he loved and the passions he had. I will forever be grateful for the moments I got to spend with him talking wrestling and raising hell. I wish I could’ve had more time and gotten to know him even better, but I will never forget the times I had.

Thank you for everything Jason, you are loved and will be missed greatly. As 2CW legend and the great Jack Trades said “God speed my friend, there will be an empty chair at our reunion show for you buddy.”