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While taking a break last night during work, I was checking on my phone to see how the World Series game was going. I being a Chicago Cubs fan was hoping for the very best but as I logged into Facebook to check out the score, I saw the devastating news that Jason Donitzen had passed away.

I had met Jason during the days of 2CW, Squared Circle Wrestling, an upstate wrestling organization based out of Syracuse. Over the 2 years, I followed 2CW Jason was always there, at my first show to sitting next to him at the very last 2CW show.

I didn’t know it at the time but at the very first 2CW show, I attended Jason was a huge part of it. Over the time I got to understand and know him more and more. I can remember seeing him at numerous 2CW shows wearing a Sea Captains hat in honor Captain Nick Ando, one of the wrestlers who would become 2CW’s Heavyweight Champion. A wrestler who not only called himself Captain but came out to the classic TV Show Gilligan’s Island Theme Song. He would also usually wear a Dalton Castle t-shirt as well, who is also another wrestler who has now become a huge part of the Ring Of Honor wrestling organization. He was a fan of wrestling, he was a fan of hockey, baseball. He loved a lot.

At the first 2CW show, the chants of “We Want Captain” rang out. They would be chanted by fans for the rest of the tenure of 2CW, but at this first show and many other shows Jason was one of the main one’s responsible for starting these chants. Which usually got some of us to get disgusted with and then eventually start chanting along with.

I met Jason through 2CW, I admit I didn’t really know him. We talked a few times, nothing too much, but as a Facebook friend, I always saw that he was up to something involving the local sports out in Syracuse. Over the past month or so, I saw he was getting real excited for the upcoming hockey season. He was a huge Syracuse Crunch fan and a bunch of the other guys I met through 2CW would all join up and go the games. I was thinking about coming out to maybe join up with them and take in a hockey game.

Sadly, over the past week he had lost his mother and then he had a few medical conditions. I started to hear from others about his health issues, and I had heard before of his other stints in the hospital and he always seemed to bounce back. And then last night his battle ended.

I’ll never get to read another Facebook update from him, won’t get to sit next to him at the 2CW reunion show or even attend a hockey game with him. I know one thing, anytime I hear the theme song to Gilligan’s Island or hear a chant of “We Want Captain” in the back of my mind I’ll think of him. Instead of Captain, I’ll replace it with Jason. Because I know a bunch of his friends and family will be wanting him back. And definitely chanting “We Want Jason!”

Photo By Mark Griffin