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This venture into Fantasy Football has got to be the worst thing I’ve ever done. Maybe that’s  little far-fetched and an obvious over statement but really this thing hasn’t gone well. I’ve lost nearly every game I’ve played in except the one and after winning that game I ended up losing my quarterback for a few weeks.

If you’ve been following around with my Fantasy Football season, you would have learned by now that I’m not to be trusted in managing football players and hoping to get some of them to win. Granted I’m blaming this on numerous things, because that’s what you do when you’re losing, you blame others.

I understand that it’s somewhat my fault, maybe I should have done research. Maybe I should have realized that Brett Favre retired a bunch of years ago. But I still want him to be the quarterback.

Speaking of people who are retiring, I just got the word that a running back I picked up and thought would gain me some cool fantasy points is doing just that. Yep, just my luck right? I while back after finally jumping into making roster moves, I picked up Arian Foster. Foster who has a really good career has been hampered with injuries as of late. Injuries which has now forced him to announce his retirement.

Something that maybe I should do in this Fantasy Football thing.

I’ll bunker down and try some more roster moves, trying to find a quarterback. Because with Ben Roethlisberger being injured I went and picked up a couple of quarterbacks and just my luck they’re both on byes this week. So off looking for a quarterback, which I will have to suffer with some well, someone not that good.

But hey maybe I’ll get some luck this week.

Season Record: 1-5