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With living in Upstate New York every once in a while this thing called Autumn or Fall occurs. It’s when the weather starts changing, the temperatures get colder and the trees they do this odd thing in which their leaves start changing colors. Now I’m not a scientist but I got a camera and I took a bunch of pictures.

While traveling around in between Greene County, Schoharie County, and Albany County here are a few of my favorite pictures I snapped. I did some post production altering with them and well, these are the outcomes. So please take a look and leave a comment what’s your favorite picture.

The first photo, as well as the next two, are from the Captain’s Inn in Windham, New York. A restaurant and country inn in which they claim you can see 5 states. We didn’t take in their food nor their rooms, but we did stop and take pictures.


And the third picture from the Captain’s Inn.


These next few are some of the Schoharie Creek right across the street from Pratt’s Rock, you may remember that I talked about The Mount Rushmore Of New York State in which Zadock Pratt had a rock face altered in honor of himself and his son.

image12This one is a little closer up of the creek.


While driving around Gilboa I pulled over and snapped this one of a farm. image14

And then finally this one, it’s a little close to home but I won’t mention how close.


Which of these pictures was your favorite? Have you any great pictures of fall foliage?