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A couple of weeks ago I brought my camera along with me while we visited Six Flags Great Escape in Queensbury, New York. It was part of their Halloween themed weekend adventures called Fright Fest. I expected to get some interesting pictures as the theme park decorates the park up with skeletons, spiderwebs, clowns and numerous other things to spook its guests. But as I was going through my photos I came along something a little bit more than I expected.

What follows are a collection of the most interesting photos I had captured on that day. Some of these happen to be mistakes, errors or what have you. You may want to call this abstract or what have you, but one thing is for sure they’re just in time for Halloween.

This first one was original of the fire from a torch. While it may not be the craziest abstract photo, it sure revealed a scary image.


This next was an attempt at one of the characters that walk around the park. I just didn’t have the correct setting when he walked past me. image16

From the same photo, I discovered this. Not sure if it was another one of the characters or a mannequin they had. Regardless of what it actually is, it’s quite scary.

The next is just a photoshop edit of one of the people I went to Great Escape with, can you guess who it is?image21

And finally, here’s a picture of the Ferris wheel, while I originally wanted to get the blur effect, where you can capture moving subjects to a blur rather with a little manipulation of my camera’s settings. But I just couldn’t get it, due to numerous reasons but I did get this. A little manipulation with photoshop I got a creepy looking version of the Ferris wheel. image22

What do you think of these? Do some of them remind you of album covers?