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As I posted some photos I took the other day from my adventure to Great Escape’s Fright Fest, Fright. I also had some other bad pictures, and well, these two photos I went a little farther with and these are the results.

You see in the main photo, the one with words, or splash photo, you’ll see that I included two photos, and those are the originals. Of course, you can tell whatever I was attempting to do came out really, really wrong.

Well instead of just discarding them or deleting them I decided to play along with photoshop and see what I could come out with. So what follows is six different images of the original two. Make sure you comment and tell me if you actually like the outcome.

Example #1


Example #2image23a

Example #3image23b

Example #4image24

Example #5image24b

Example #6image24c