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The past few days I’ve been showcasing some of the photos I took when I visited the Great Escape Fright Fest a few weeks ago. I’ve showcased mostly bad one so far, but yes, I did take some good ones. And with this being right around Halloween this is a great time to showcase them.

This first picture was right near the entrance of the park. This next one is right where they usually have the Swan Boats. image27

This next is from one of the classic buildings from when the park originally opened in 1954 as Storytown USA.


This is the sign that they put up during Fright Fest to show which was all of the haunted adventures are.


This is one of the bridges in Great Escape, I altered it, as I did all of these pictures. image37

And finally, back in the Storytown USA area I took one of the pictures and added a texture effect to it.


So once again, I ask which is your favorite? Personally, I like the car, the sign, and the castle. But I think that’s just because they were very good subjects.