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As I’ve been showcasing these past few days with my adventure to Great Escape Fright Fest, I’ve been displaying some of the pictures I’ve taken. Some bad, some good, and well, at least some of the pictures I’ve taken.

The first picture is one of my favorites, and while I was editing it I noticed someone was photobombing it.

This next photo I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be, but I’ll just be calling it Rocky holding a baby with a huge Recycling bin photobombing it.


While we walked through the Splashwater Kingdom the Great Escape water park. I saw some of the people who have been hanging out since they opened up this part of the theme park back in 1995. I’m thinking someone should have gave them something to eat.


Next, is the grave for the one and only Shovel Face. Always remember Shovel Face, whoever that is or well, was.


This lady was trying to tell me why they closed Raging River, a water ride in a round boat holding six passengers simulating riding through white water rapids, was closed. But all I wanted to know was why was there a key in her hand oh and the knife too.


For some reason, this casket got opened and this guy climbed out. I’m hoping someone other than this guy did it. If not, he’s got some explaining to do.


Then finally, we have the scarecrow. This guy was really upset about the previously lady. He was talking about all this stuff and kept say “Hey” or maybe it was hay. Either way, he was sad no birds were coming to see him.