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I’ve made a week of blog posts about my visit to the Great Escape Fright Fest. I hope you guys are enjoying these and appreciate the time I’ve taken to showcase these. Now, I present to you my favorite two photos I took that day.

The clown and the ride.

The clown is explained easy enough, it was a display during the Fright Fest event. Plus with all the scary clown spottings it worked out pretty well.

Now the ride, I’ve been trying to do one of these types of photos, as those who saw my Photo Blog Challenge this month, I did it with a few moving cars. This time I took a picture of a ride. I played around with my settings and without a tripod snapped this. Trying to stand as still as I could even with people moving around me walking towards other rides and what not. I think this came out pretty well. Especially with the eagle just chilling there.

What do you guys think? Have you enjoyed looking at all my photos from my visit to the Great Escape Fright Fest? And were these two of the best?