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This street light may look like every other street light you’ve ever seen. But there’s something very special about this street light located in Syracuse, New York.

In the area of Tipperary Hill, a prominent Irish community there’s a street light who’s colors are a little different than any other. As you may know, many street lights go red, yellow, green. But this one is the exact opposite. By opposite I mean it goes green, yellow and then red.


Yep, the red is on the bottom. And thusly making the green on the top.img_7294

But why is that?

As I mentioned the neighborhood of Tipperary Hill was the majority of Irish decent, back in 1925 when this street light was first installed. Due to the Irish’s differences in opinions with the British, the local youths were angered that the British (red) would be over the Irish (green). They would throw stones and break the red light, which would continue for over 3 years until the state of New York would allow the area to place the green on top.

If you’re ever in Syracuse, New York make sure to check out this place. Set your GPS over to the corner of Tompkins Street and Milton Ave and check out this unique attraction. Also take a visit to the adjacent Stone Thrower’s Park which honors those who helped to make this a thing.

Plus if you’re looking for a bite to eat, make sure to check out Coleman’s Irish Pub which is just down the street and features not only various Irish beers and food but also features a small door for Leprechaun’s. Yep, the restaurant established in 1933 features a small door for the little Irish guys only.