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In the town of Chittenango where L. Frank Baum was born, the guy who wrote the Wizard Of Oz, there’s a waterfall. At the east of the Cazenovia Lake in Madison County features a 193-acre state park in which a 167-foot waterfall showcases a wonderful view. 

The small town of Chittenango which houses a population over just over 5,000 people attracts fans of the Wizard of Oz as I’ve written about it the past, The Final Journey: A Road Trip To The End but also fans of state parks and waterfalls.

But like many adventures to see waterfalls please wear proper clothing and shoes as the adventure to see this one is no different from others I’ve traveled to see. It’s quite the hike, up and down.


After a short trip down a flight of stairs, you’ll get to see the top of the falls, which like I said showcase a fascinating and remarkable view.


Simply amazing, right?_mg_7598

After this quick stop from the top you can venture down to view more of the waterfalls.

Quite the trip down and obviously back up.


Once you finally arrive at the base of the waterfalls, you’ll see that they have blocked it off.


But don’t worry, the view has not changed. They have a small bridge which travels over the Chittenango Creek in which you can view the falls. image6

And don’t take my word, just look at that.



Isn’t it amazing!?


Have you ever ventured over to see this? What’s your favorite waterfall?