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Right off of Route 20 is an apple orchard which has become a major producer of Hard Cider, Vodka, Gin and even some wines. It’s called Beak & Skiff but you may know it better as 1911 Established.

I went with my Uncle and Aunt along with Lindsay for a tasting. We tasted some wines, hard ciders and I tried the gin as well as the Vanilla Chie Vodka. Which well, didn’t taste so good. I guess drinking vodka or gin straight isn’t so good.


But this location isn’t all about tasting the hard ciders. There’s also a bakery, small shop and other places to view. Plus this cool looking truck.


At the country store, I purchased some things like fudge, cheese curds, and cheese dip. And yes, I got some apple cider donuts at their bakery.


Overall, it was a nice little place to visit. Looking back maybe I shouldn’t have tasted the gin or vodka, but hey, you only live once right?