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Today’s Veteran’s Day, this holiday celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans. In my family, I’ve had a few who’ve had the honor to serve in the military, one such is my Grandfather, or Da, as I’ve known him as.

Da served in the Korean War as a United States Marine. While he was quite the storyteller, he didn’t tell many stories about his time as a Marine.

After his passing in 2012, my grandmother set up this table. She calls it her memory table, this past weekend I had taken this picture, she asked if I was going to share it for Veteran’s Day, and obviously yes, yes, I will.

She has placed a couple of my grandfather’s favorite hats on this table, he wore these with pride. She has placed other memories of him and other family members. She has a picture of my Uncle and my Mom, a picture of my Grandfather during his Marine days, a picture of both of them and a picture of me – which has suddenly worried me a great deal.

Veterans no matter how long they served, how much combat they saw, no matter how they served, they did something that many of us fear. They served.

Today is that day we respect them, tomorrow is the day we continue respecting them. We must respect those willing to fight, willing to serve, willing to.

While it’s been nearly 4 years since my Grandfather’s passing, I think about him a lot. I wonder how he would have reacted about my traveling adventures when I visited the home of his favorite baseball team Baltimore Orioles. I know he would have loved to hear about my adventures traveling around the independent wrestling scene. The characters I got to meet (if you’re reading I’m not talking about you) were similar to those characters he would talk about.

Today I will think a lot about him, not because of the time he served, but because the man he was. Tonight, tomorrow, this entire weekend will be tough. As my family will gather to watch my brother marry the love of his life. Just like my grandfather did so many years ago when he married my grandmother was real. They were the optimum of two different people who loved each other. My grandfather was a strong man, he served and most importantly he loved.


Just a grandson and a grandfather.