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On Saturday my brother got married. One of the duties as the best man was to give a speech. After learning I was to how to stand up in front of everyone and do this, I got nervous, worried and all those other adjectives.

While writing it out over and over, I ended up leaving it aside and not reading it. There is many reasons for this, mainly because I was nervous, but mostly because I didn’t want to end up stuttering, or worst, crying.

I ended up saying a few quick words, trying to express my feelings at the moment and to hurry up the ceremony. Because seriously, who wants to hear from the Best Man?

For those who are wondering what I had planned to say, as my brother, the groom even doubts I wrote it. Here is what I was going to say:

Today we have gathered together in honor of love. The love of two people, two people who we all love, two people who love each other. They have asked us to be part of this love, we greatly accepted mainly because they offered us food.

Derek, as some of you may know, has had the despairing honor of being my brother. With being the elder brother, I’ve always felt the obligation to teach him cool things. I taught him everything I knew, but the school of Sean ended when he was still in his diapers.

Like many brothers, we haven’t always seen eye to eye. Some of you gathered here tonight may have seen us actually fighting. But we weren’t mad at each other, we just thought hugging was lame.

Over the years, we’ve seen sorrow, we’ve felt pain. We have lost many loved ones, and one of the greatest person we’ve ever known, our mother. While she can’t be here today, I know she’s looking down on her boys with a tear in her eye and a huge smile on her face. Much like how I am right now as I stand in front all of you.

And Gilli, she would have loved you, just like Derek loves you and how I love you. Okay, maybe I don’t love you as much as Derek, but I’m so happy that you will become my sister-in-law.

As Derek and Gilli have invited us to share this love, let’s all take a moment to enjoy that they choose us to spend their first night with. Okay, now that that’s over let’s party!