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It’s that time once again. Time for me to participate in a photo challenge and return Hachland to an active blog. Or at least pretend to be.

Yeah, I’ve been gone from the blogging world for more than a month and a half and well, I could explain why this happened. But I won’t.

Instead I’ll just showcase some of my favorite pictures I took this past month.

1. Christmas Lights


In the beginning of the month, we visited the local Christmas light showcase in downtown Albany. It’s an annual event where you can drive your car around and view various Christmas light displays.

2. Christmas Fireworks


At the Empire State Plaza they hold an annual Christmas tree lighting. We’ve attended it for a few years and it’s a whole day of activities occurring on and around the grounds. At the Egg and the Museum which is part of the plaza they have a train show and a wine and chocolate show. Along with an ice skating rink and Christmas carolers. After they lit the tree they had a firework display, I in my ultimate wisdom forgot to bring my tripod, but I got some shots any ways.

3. Road To


This past Thursday I was attempting to drive to Binghamton for a wrestling show and well, I chickened out. I got a few exits down Interstate 88, but due to a snow storm occurring in Albany I feared driving all the way to and back from Binghamton. As you can see the road was very wet, and there was some fog coming in. I may have made a bad decision on not going all the way, but I wasn’t willing to take the risk what the roads would look like 5 or 6 hours later.

4. The Birth Of A Company


I’m a big fan of wrestling and the local wrestling scene is well, if it’s one thing it’s very dramatic. Earlier this year I wrote a review of a wrestling show I attended. Which brought me a lot of backlash some good and a lot of notable bad and very harsh comments. Since then a group of wrestlers who performed on the show has since turned their backs on that company and formed a group, they performed in another company and in December ran their own show. I took in the show and enjoyed it, especially for a company who’s running their first show they did an excellent job. I was expecting at least a few mistakes, but they did a pretty good job of running a solid show.

5. Christmas Tree At The Capital

31932800016_d54cb53f90_oThe Christmas Tree outside of the New York State Capital building is well, it’s a thing. And this is that tree.

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Check back next month when I hope to participate again. And don’t forget to check my past photo blog challenges!