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Nicknames, we all have them, some we love, some we hate. Me? Well, it’s just my name now.

For those who are familiar with me know that the alias I use for this website is part of my real name, it’s a portion of my last name. It’s what I’ve been called growing up, because usually when you’re a boy growing up people call you by your last name. Plus there was a couple of other people with my name, all be it they were spelled different. It was just easier to say my last name.

Oh, yeah, that’s Hach by the way.

Yeah, sorry to disappoint people, it really isn’t my first name. But there was a time someone asked me what my last name was. They said “Hey Hach, what’s your last name?”

There was a huge bit of irony there, right?

My mother on the other hand, wished I didn’t have a nickname. She didn’t want me or my brother growing up with a first name that was able to be altered or even made fun of.

I’ve gone by other nicknames, or rather alias. Being a huge wrestling fan and one who has participated in wrestling related things like backyard wrestling and internet roleplaying. I’ve come up with different characters, I guess they’re not nicknames, but if you play a character long enough people start to refer to you by that.

That’s a whole different thing, but then again, it’s not. Considering one of the characters I developed back in High School was Ishma: The Amish Enforcer. He was a fairly tall Amish guy, who somehow joined a wrestling company and well, used a computer.

A few of my friends would call me Ish as a joke. One friend actually introduced me as Ishma to one of his aunts. It was fairly funny, especially when she thought he said ketchup.

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