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This weeks 20 Days of Chill Challenge topics seem to be hit the nail on the head. Which is a good thing and it’ll help me get back to making more posts on Hachland.

So dreams. There’s plenty of ways I could go with this as I’m very big fan of dreams. Both daydreaming and night dreaming and well, there’s so many different ways of having dreams like goals and such.

But having this topic on this day is just perfect. As today I start a new job, not quite amazingly new, but just a different shift at work.

For the past 10 and a half years I have been known as the over night guy. Working the magical third shift where some may call it the graveyard shift, but I’ve called it my life.

While my new hours are just temporary for the next month or so, it’s a change from my norm. It’s the second shift and well, I may not love the hours, because who really loves hours spent at work. It’s actually something I’m interested in.

We’ll see how it goes and see if I want to work to keep these hours or return to the vampire life.

Either way I know I’ll listen to a bunch of songs about dreams and I think you should too!