The word popularity has become well, very popular as of late. With the numerous decisions of the popular vote during the election here in the United States of America to how many people attended the inauguration or even how many people watched it on television.

Popularity is all about whose number is being, do I have more followers on Twitter and Facebook and the various other social media platforms. It’s how many retweets and all that.

But actually it’s none of that.

To keep with the theme of me actually talking about politics, those are all alternative facts.

Yep. Popularity isn’t about numbers, it’s not about getting the most people to like you. It’s getting those who know you to be proud of you.

We all, I know I have too, try to get the most people to like you, we strive to be liked. But in reality it doesn’t matter that everyone likes you, it only matters that the one’s you spend your time with care.

I’m more popular than ever before for knowing that. I know I could be one of the popular people attending a concert, a wrestling show or some sporting event because that’s where the popularity of people are going.

Or I could just sit in my grandmother’s living room talking to her. Or I could sit in my dad’s kitchen. And for that moment, we’re both the most popular person to that other person.

Don’t get me wrong, being popular and having a lot of people know you is good too. Especially as I’ve recently found out working during the waking hours.

As some of you may have heard I recently had a change in hours at my work, for nearly 11 years I’ve spent working the third shift, but I’m currently doing a stint on the afternoon shift. I had one of my co-workers call me over the public address system and used my full name. Which you know could be a pro and a con in itself. But as I was walking to the front of my store, a friend was their shopping and joked about how important that I am.

It took me a second but yeah, it’s pretty cool.

So when someone mentions popularity or asks you how popular you are. Tell them there’s someone in this world or even a selection of people who you’re the most popular with.


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