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It’s that time once again, that time every month in which I participate in the Photo Blog Challenge. It’s a time in which I feature five pictures I’ve taken and adapt them to a theme or reverse that the other way around. Either way it’s a challenge in which you see pictures. To read more about these theme’s check out PJ’s Photo Blog Challenge.

This months theme is Love.

As some of you who’ve been following Hachland have noticed some certain disconnect I’ve had with posting on here. There’s no major problem, just misplaced passion. I’m trying to find it, not sure where it went, but if it went south to enjoy the warmer weather, I hope it invites me.

Although this month for Upstate New York we have seen some incredible weather in the 70s not just once but twice. Which for pictures is actually a good thing. As a majority of the pictures I took were on those two days.

So without further ado here we go with my top 5 pictures after all they’re my choice!

1. Train Tracks

32282997684_71e056c1db_zThere’s something about trains and train tracks to me, maybe it’s my up bringing but this picture is just cool. It’s just train tracks and the sky, but it’s pretty sweet.

2. Snow Day

33086683326_14a1049b23_zThis picture was taken after a snow storm, I think it was later in the day, but I could be wrong. But this picture is great because of the snow on the trees and the clouds.

2. The Creek In The Woods


With the sun peaking through the trees, the water rushing through and the snow grasping to fight off the 70 degree weather this picture just screams awesome.

2. Gone With The Sun


The sun is a magical beast that provides so much wonder to our world. From heat, to light to thousands of things we can’t even imagine to even beauty. This is the sun setting this past Friday and it’s just pure beauty.

2. Waterfall


If the trees remind you of something you’ve seen before they do, from one of my previous photos. Just a little down the creek from that previous photo you will stumble across this small little waterfall. This was taken at Thacher Park, not bad for a location known for it’s views.

Bonus. Boat On The Water

32237133273_d6332be180_zSo yeah, I couldn’t keep it to just five photos this month. This photo right here is well, it’s one of my all time favorite photos I’ve ever taken. This was taken in Lake George, which is about an hour north of me. With all the warm weather we’ve been having the ice has begun to melt away allowing for the unfrozen sections of the lake to reflect the clouds above. Which provide a pure picture perfect picture.

That’s all for this month! Make sure to check out my Instagram page, Flickr page and of course Hachland for more pictures!

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