And The Results Are In… INSANE!! – October 7th, 2013

TDG “The ‘ 51 points in yesterday’s win are as many points as the Jaguars have scored all season.”

— Denver Broncos, @DenverBroncos


The New WWE Champion Is…


In what should have been the crowning moment for either Daniel Bryan or Randy Orton at last nights WWE Battleground Pay-Per-View it was all for not as the show ended without a clear winner. Some of the blame is to be put on the Big Show who made his way to the ring and basically gave a knockout punch to everyone. He gave one to Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and even to referee Scott Armstrong.

The PPV was surrounded by a lot of controversy as for a short time there was a power outage that seems to be legitimate. As in the world of professional wrestling nothing is legit until well, it never really is. Also it was just a bad card leading into it as members of the IWC didn’t feel it had that certain spark. Or maybe those members of the IWC just miss John Cena.


Who Is Owen Five?


The New York Giants are beyond struggling. They are in danger of being the worse team well, ever. Not since 1979 have they started 0 and 5 and they don’t look like they’ll win next week either. As this week they were defeated by the Philadelphia Eagles and their back up QB Nick Foles. Next week they lose to the Chicago Bears. Maybe it’s time to look into actually firing Tom Coughlin.

The Chiefs Are 5 and 0


It could be shocking to you or it could be a Homer Simpson “Duh” moment as the Kansas City Chiefs have won their 5th game of the season. With all the new blood they currently have from Alex Smith to Andy Reid it’s no wonder they’re good. A team full of people nobody wanted filled with talent is a easy formula for an undefeated run. Speaking of run, Jamaal Charles is projected to have a 1,200 yard year.

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  Peyton Plays With The Cowboys
peyton_manning_090912_AP876230197664_620x350aPeyton Manning unlike his brother Eli is undefeated and making the game of football look like something he created. After defeating the Dallas Cowboys in a shoot out game that saw a total of 99 points. Peyton has thrown 20 touchdowns in just 5 games. Making him on pace to throw 64 touchdowns this year. But then again, he hasn’t played any challengers. Just teams like the Cowboys who I could talk about having 99 Problems But Winning Ain’t One Of them.

Da Saints Keep Marching

With the Year of Suspensions up and out of the way it looks like the New Orleans Saints aren’t too old and are actually pretty good. They’ve gotten a few challenges this year but with Sean Payton back on the sidelines they look like one of those teams built for the Super Bowl. Brees has already thrown for 12 touchdowns which would be significant if not for a man called Peyton.

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It’s early in the season but the Cincinnati Bengals are one of those teams we’re unsure about. After beating the New England Patriots you’d think they’re ready to be a playoff contender. But with loses against the Chicago Bears and Cleveland Browns we just don’t know who they are. We do know they have beaten the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Currently tied in their own division with the Browns and the Baltimore Ravens. They’re a decent team with a solid defense and talented quarterback, but will they continue lose to the teams they should beat or will they over come that?


While the San Francisco 49ers have the exact same record as the Bengals. We do know who they are. They’re one of the possible Super Bowl teams. While they have loses against the Seattle Seahawks and Indianapolis Colts. They have however beaten teams such as the Houston Texans, the St. Louis Rams and they also even beat the Packers. Their loses came back to back and even showcased why they lost because Kaepernick didn’t throw a touchdown. So meaning the 49ers are 3 and 2 when he throws a touchdown. There’s a stat for you Elias!


We’ve been watching the MLB Playoffs, because well baseball is awesome and Playoff baseball is just awesome-r. And we watched as the Dodgers showed the Braves that scoring 6 runs is nice, but scoring 13 is so much better. This made Don Mattingly’s team one game away from advancing to the next round!


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