Four Letter Word – October 4th, 2013

TDG “I was just eating a hot dog over here and I heard about four or five gunshots, and then a swarm of police cars came in wailing their sirens”

— Whit Dabney, 13, who was visiting Washington

The Government Shut Down Is The Only Thing That Works


This United States Government shut down getting out of hand. Not only are we losing billions of dollars a day because tax payers money is not going into the pockets of those who don’t deserve it. But they have closed the National Parks. As we stated the other day about the World War 2 veterans getting shut out of the World War 2 Monument.

Now things are seemingly getting out of hand as you’ll read about in our More Grindin’ segment that not only is Emo Eric involved in making fun of things but 34 year old females are attacking the Capital Police with their cars!


Abusing Health Care?


The nation of Canada currently has universal health care. A plan that allows everyone to be taken care of by the government. Does it work? We learn that some 19 year olds abuse it, way too much!

Clayton Top Pitcher


The Los Angeles Dodgers Clayton Kershaw showed us why he’s one of the games great pitchers as he took care of the Atlanta Braves with 12 K’s and only giving up 1 earned and 3 hits. The Dodgers offense helped out too getting 11 hits and cranking in 6 runs scored, yet they did leave 15 men on base. But a Win is a Win. Especially in the playoffs.

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Obese Man Runs?
Sometimes Americans decide that waiting for the government to save them is just wrong. Learn how a man slightly over weight researches which running shoes to buy.

Pirates Not Ready?

The St. Louis Cardinals showed the Pittsburgh Pirates why they playoffs are just not for them. As they beat them 9 to 1. The Pirates struck out as a team 11 times and had a team batting average of .129. Leading to many of us to believe that they’re not ready for the Playoffs. But it could have been that Matt Wainwright just showcased his greatness which gave him nearly 20 wins and a ERA under 3 in the regular season.

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The nation was under attack earlier as we didn’t know exactly how at first. But the media went crazy. Much like that had previous with the shooting at the Navy Yard. So what did happen?

As reports are still rolling in we have learned that a 34 year old woman from Connecticut was driving her car in and around the United States capital when she for whatever reason, a reason we will probably never learn about. Decided to take her car and attack the capital. First she drove her car into cop cars into concrete barriers and even people!

As she used her car as a weapon, a weapon of mass destruction may I add, the police officers of the Capital had to act quickly. And by quickly they decided to shoot her. Much to the sadness of CNN reporter and former day time talk show host Anderson Cooper.

Former because his show Anderson Live was canceled. Probably because of his thoughts that people driving a car viciously could be stopped by politely asking them to stop. This obviously wasn’t the case.

Now as the government is obviously shut down we didn’t know if there was a bomb in the car or what kind of terrorist this women was. Yes, women can be terrorists and so can people without turbans. So these polices officers acted quickly and instead of shooting the car in which a bomb may have been placed in, decided to shoot the lady. Thus killing her.

While reports are still coming in on who and what she was doing. We have learned that she had her 1 year old child was in a car seat in the back seat. Luckily he has survived.

But yes, while this is a insane instance. It seems to be handled the best way possible. If John McClane was in charge.

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