Impact Edition for September 27th, 2013

TDG “You need me. You people need me. It is. It’s the 1% that creates your world that you get to live in.”

— Dixie Carter

To Join Team Dixie Or To Quit


TNA Owner has dropped the bomb once more, this time to General Manager Hulk Hogan. He can either join her team, Team Dixie, or he can just walk away from the ring he loves. She asked Hogan if he was going to go to war with her or “sit on the sidelines like A.J.” This sent Hogan speechless and dumbfounded. Mainly because of the actual actions that Dixie is taking.

The rumors around the Internet Wrestling Committee are saying that Hogan’s contract is up on the first of October. And with the fact that his daughter, Brooke, was released he will probably be leaving as well. Not only because of the release of his daughter, but also because of TNA’s financial moves. Yet, we all know this is the world of wrestling and maybe he will return a few weeks down the road.


Heel Sabin


Ever since losing the TNA Heavyweight Championship to Bully Ray, Chris Sabin has turned, turned a bit heel. Now it somewhat came out of left field especially to those of us watching, when after Manik defeating Jeff Hardy he jumped into the ring and attacked Manik, the man who’s quickly becoming a huge fan favorite. What calls for this heel turn? Maybe it’s a part of Sabin’s ego, the fact that he’s now a TNA Triple Crown winner, maybe it’s just time for him to become a heel. Either way it’s something we may soon cheer for. However ironic that may be.

Two Bros And A Chick


A six man mixed gender match showcased the Bro Mans, Robbie E and Jesse Godderz, taking on the team of Eric Young, ODB and the greatest wrestling lawyer ever Joseph Park. But the problem going into this match was that Bro Mans didn’t have a partner. And well, they ended up gaining Gail Kim as a partner sadly ending the small hope some of us had that TNA would bring in some new talent. I personally would like them to turn Robbie E heel and actually drop the whole “Jersey Shore” gimmick. Although down the road they’ll push Godderz, because he was on Big Brother.

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The Rising Magnus


Magnus has been teased the last few years of maybe one day making it. And having a on/off tag team with Samoa Joe and his decent run in this years Bound For Glory tournament it seems almost time for him to make a huge splash. But with the members of E.G.O. getting into his head it seems a little far fetched to actually occur. Especially seeing they took him out before the Main Event Mafia vs. Aces & Eights match. Maybe Magnus can break away from MEM and not join in E.G.O. and become something epic.

Hardy Marks The Spot

With what seems a odd twist or maybe (pun intended) Twist of Fate, Jeff Hardy is some how in the X Division. Maybe its a slight punishment, maybe it’s to revive the division. Whatever the main reason it’s quite clear that Hardy may become a the new X Division champion. Too bad he’ll never be a Tag Team Champion…

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Styles Cash


In less than a month AJ Styles will claim his Number One Contender status in a match for the TNA Heavyweight Championship. He will battle champion Bully Ray… that is if he stays in the company that long. After calling out Dixie Carter and igniting a fire in her, which has brought the fan favorite Styles into a clash of sorts. Especially as Hulk Hogan and him were about to get a contract out and resign Styles to a TNA extension until Dixie ripped it up. Now the question has been sparked is Dixie Carter actually correct about her assumptions about Styles. That he really isn’t that phenomenal?



Now is the time to step up for Dixie. And to do something with your company and showcase why you are and why you should be in charge. I believe all of these actions are being pushed because this summer TNA started a #AskDixie hashtag and the fans blasted her running the show. Now she’s showing a mean side that’s actually leading people to recognize whats going on in TNA.


With the seeming end of the Aces & Eights group with more and more members hitting the streets, is it time for Bully Ray to become Buddy Ray? Probably not, especially seeing he’s the best heel in the business and the current TNA Heavyweight Champion. But seeing hadn’t turned face with his “brother” being fired – I really doubt it will happen. Leaving the major question remaining will he still be champion come October 21st?



With members of Main Event Mafia and Aces & Eights dropping like water, we are welcomed with another group, nope it didn’t turn out to be Fortune or even a new Fortune. It’s a group named E.G.O. Known as the Extraodinary Gentleman’s Organization it merges Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian) with Bobby Roode. Are they good guys? No. Are they bad guys? No. They’re just three guys looking to be the top in the business. This could be another short lived group, but it’s a 3 man group, which TNA has became filled with. Hopefully they don’t create titles for these type of groups. Because nobody really liked the Freebirds.



We’ve seen it before and it’s like a broken record now. Another TNA wrestler is gone… another Aces & Eights member is gone. Now we see Wes Brisco is currently gone. After tapping out to Sting he was kicked out of the Aces & Eights and stripped of his dignity and is now gone from the group. Will we see him stay with TNA or will he be gone for good? Maybe a revenge costing Bully the title could happen thus setting up a awesome series of revenge matches with… yup, you guessed it — Garret Bischoff.

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