NFL Week 4 September 29th, 2013

TDG “If there are blitzes that work against the Denver Broncos quarterback, they haven’t surfaced this season,”

— Sam Farmer, L.A. Times

The Great Peyton


Entering this week, Peyton Manning has done something no other quarterback in NFL History, he threw 12 touchdown passes in the first three weeks. He has on pace to break every single quarterback TD record well, ever. He could almost break Babe Ruth’s home run record too. This week the Broncos take on the Eagles and well, it’ll give Manning a challenge. Maybe only 3 touchdowns today.


Kubiak’s Challenge


The Houston Texans and Gary Kubiak may not be on the hot seat just yet. But after today’s game against the Seattle Seahawks things might change all that. With the Texans entering against the undefeated Seahawks with already one loss this is not the time to let one slip by. This team has been built to become a playoff team if not a Super Bowl team. Kubiak better be on top of things today or the rumors will be atop him.

Dirty Raiders


The Oakland Raiders aren’t doing that great this year but the Washington Redskins are doing even worse. This week we could see Terrelle Pryor return after a concussion or maybe former Green Bay Packers Matt Flynn could get the start. Either way, I’m not hoping on the Redskins to actually put things together just yet. Sadly leading to a 0 and 4 start. Which is basically a finish.

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Bye Bye Tom?


The New York Giants aren’t good. And their record is even worse. It might not be true just yet but Tom Coughlin’s job could be on the line this week. The former Super Bowl champion coach has lead his team down the drain with a 0 and 3 start. But with Eli Manning on the team they might be able to salvage this season. Or maybe Coughlin’s job.

A Arm In Miami?

Don’t blink too fast but the Miami Dolphins might actually have a quarterback not named Dan Marino. They’ve started the season undefeated and get one of the biggest challenges of the season against the undefeated New Orleans Saints. This means that we will get to see if Ryan Tannehill is actually ready for the big time. My guess is yes! The Dolphins win this battle of the unbeaten.

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Baltimore Ravens over Buffalo Bills

Chicago Bears over Detroit Lions

Indianapolis Colts over Jacksonville Jaguars

Minnesota Vikings over Pittsburgh Steelers

Cincinnati Bengals over Cleveland Browns

Houston Texans over Seattle Seahawks

Kansas City Chiefs over New York Giants

Arizona Cardinals over Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Dallas Cowboys over San Diego Chargers

Oakland Raiders over Washington Redskins

New York Jets over Tennessee Titans

Denver Broncos over Philadelphia Eagles

New England Patriots over Atlanta Falcons

Miami Dolphins over New Orleans Saints

Byes: Carolina Panthers and Green Bay Packers

Last Week : 11 – 5

This Year : 33 -15


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