Remembering Analyze 101 – October 5th, 2013

TDG “Well, you want to be happy. I want to be happy, I’m getting out, too!”

— Beau Bridgers, The Millers

How A Red Pen Ruined A Presidency


I’m not claiming I an personally responsible for Mitt Romney losing the 2012 President Election, but maybe I did have a part in it. Or at least getting a few people to vote against a guy caring about his family. But that’s not my fault, it’s all about the red ink. I don’t control the red ink, the mind does!

You see in the before time, as in the early days of Hachland when we ruled the roost on Geocities we had a running article called Analyze Porn 101. We have since dropped the porn part and made everything PG. But the evil red ink that points out everyone’s flaw still remains.

We have attacked Mitt Romney in the above picture along with numerous wrestling, movie and even some Army heroes. So sit back and relax and don’t let me see any pictures of you or the red ink will get you!


Kane Has A Ice T


WWE’s Over The Limit Pay-Per-View showed us that it took two people to take down the internet sensation known as Zack Ryder. Yes, it took both Kane and WWE referee Scott Armstrong to keep the Long Island Ice T down!

Scott Steiner Thinks


What does Frankie Kazarian, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode and Scott Steiner have in common? They all became victims of the Analyze 101.

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Rey Has A Eye
raw_999_photo_0411While walking to the ring during one of his matches former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and one of the greatest Cruiserweights of all time became a victim of the 101!

Stiffler Gets A Stiffy

We learned why TNA decieded to go with female referees and it wasn’t because Earl Hebner is evil. It was because Brian Stiffler couldn’t handle himself around Velvet Sky, Gail Kim and the real Brooke, you know Bully’s Brooke.

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Sadly in this day in age in America sometimes wrestling companies get cheap pops. Yes, I know this is shocking to me as well. But at a WWE Raw we saw 4 members of the United States Military get some credit for dressing up. But don’t think this stops us from attacking them and disrespecting them.



While we mostly just review individual pictures and use red ink to attack what they’re doing, looking like and obviously what they’re wearing. But sometimes we review other things, still not sure what, but we attack Judge Reinhold in one of the big time movies in Four Eyes And Six Guns.



We recently reviewed the new Ricky Gervais show Derek, in which he plays a creepy guy who works at a retirement home. It’s funny and well, like I said creepy.

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