Ten Two Your Own Business – October 2nd, 2013

TDG “Open Enrollment is a key feature in the Affordable Care Act.. So it’s okay if you join, but if you don’t you’ll be fined”

— Hach, From A Facebook Status

To The Gates Of Hell To The Closed Gates Of A Memorial


With the Government Shut Down occurring it has finally stepped up and shown it’s dark side. As we have long expected it would, we didn’t know how it would first show it’s face. Now with World War 2 veterans making their way to walk and view the World War 2 Monument in Washington, D.C. got a shocking reminder of what this shut down actually means.

After traveling all the way from Mississippi through a group called Mississippi Gulf Coast Honor Flight Veterans which sponsored these veterans to visit the Washington, D.C. monument. A total of 92 of them stormed the gates and along with help from Reps. Steve King, R-Iowa, and Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., who helped the troops to view their fallen comrades.

As for a editorial comment to all of this, I’m shocked that the only thing obviously being closed in this government shut down are National Parks. Which are mainly made of stones, sticks and well, forests. So I guess sticks and stones won’t hurt you, but names do?


Pirates Win! Pirates Win!


Yesterday I was mentioning how the Pittsburgh Pirates were in the MLB Post Season for the first time in over 20 years and well, something amazing happened – They Won! Beating the Cincinnati Reds 6 to 2.

Let’s Get To The Park


Also playing on television tonight is the second episode of this seasons South Park. Yes, that’s right children. South Park is on their 17th season and the boys of the Park are just as harsh as ever before. Tune into Comedy Central at 10 o’clock and enjoy what Matt Stone and Trey Parker have to offer.

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One Little, Two Little…
miguel-cabrera-triple-crownTonight we will find out if the Terry Francona lead Cleveland Indians will be able to do something significant in this years playoffs as they take on the Tampa Bay Rays who handed the Texas Rangers their walking papers the other night. Will the Rays do the same to the Indians? Find out tonight on TBS.

A Junior Birthday

Today is the 39th birthday of Paul Teutul, Jr. You remember him from the Discovery Channel television show known as American Chopper. About a family of bike builders who would argue and fight about cups and random other things. We haven’t seen much of the Teutul’s since the show ended in 2012.

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With the United States of America is on the brink of madness. With the new Affordable Care Act, the shut down in the Government and Bill O’Reily appearing on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. President Barrack Obama has chosen to salvage the world. With calling a President decry and do something that has only occurred once a year since 1994.




We take a break from ourselves and listen to what Al Laiman has to say about what happened on Monday’s WWE Raw. So take a quick read and maybe he has some insights that you didn’t.




Yesterday we learned that Emo Eric is back and better than ever. Well, however a emo kid who keeps to himself can be. But see as he realizes how he looks slightly different than he once did.



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