The End Of Baseball

TDG “If I had to strike out in my final at-bat, I’m glad it was against a former teammate whom I respect and love, I’m happy for Barry.”

— Mark Kotsay, After Striking Out For His Final At Bat Against Barry Zito

So Long And Thanks For All The Baseball


The season is over. Thus leading to the end of another fantastic season one with a sport based on history had a list of broken records, never before seens, and I just can’t believe that happened. Baseball, it’s not just a sport it’s a life style. Especially for a few of those who have chosen to retire this year. As we all know Mariano Rivera has had a fanfare farewell fit for a king. He along with his long time teammate Andy Pettitte are going out on top. Rivera who collected 44 saves this year and Pettitte who threw a complete game in his final game. While the two men who helped bring 4 World Championships to the New York Yankees are sadly ending their careers without a chance for a 5th. As the Yankees didn’t make the Playoffs this year.

Speaking of retirees we also have learned that we will never see Todd Helton, the first baseman of the Colorado Rockies for the last 17 years. Helton finishes his career with 2519 hits, 369 home runs and a batting average of .316. And get this he didn’t average more than 70 strike outs per season. But is he hall of fame worthy? We know Rivera is, and maybe Pettitte. But is Helton? And what about Mark Kotsay? Who is also retiring this year?

Kotsay who played for a handful of teams in his 17 years finished his career with a .276 batting average and he only struck out once every 9.4 plate appearances which is completely unheard of in this day and age. But with only 1784 hits and only season where he hit above .300 it is likely he’ll never make the Hall.

But in 5 years make sure you book it for Mariano Rivera to make it to the Hall Of Fame. And maybe, just maybe his Yankee teammate Pettitte will become his Hall Of Fame teammate.


53 Is The New 73


Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles lead a power campaign this year and ranked up 53 home runs. That lead the entire MLB this year. He blasted more than 9 home runs than anyone else in the league, who happened to be Miguel Cabrera.

Clayton Top Pitcher


The Los Angeles Dodgers Clayton Kershaw had a amazing ERA this year. His ERA was 1.83. And with his win loss record of 16 and 9. He is on his way to become Clayton Young. Or maybe just winning a CY Young award. But if he doesn’t get the award he has the chance to become a World Series pitcher.

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Above Average


Speaking of Miguel Cabrera he may not have captured his goal over gathering the Triple Crown title he did something that many have never, ever done. He had a single season batting average of .348. Imagine that a first basemen with that high of a batting average. Oh, he could have been a little bit better if he didn’t strike out a whopping 94 times.

Max Eyes Perfection

Coming off one of his worst years ever, Detriot’s Max Scherzer tallied up 21 wins this year. It would have been more if he didn’t blow 3 of those games with well, near perfection. Racking up a 2.90 ERA and 240 strike outs we may have met the AL Cy Young Award Winner.

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Tonight is a magical night, it’s Game 163! As the Tampa Bay Rays battle the Texas Rangers in a one game winner take all, loser goes home. The Rays who are barely getting in and the Rangers who are lucky to even have a chance are going to put it all on the line. Airing in Primetime on TBS who will be on the mound? Who will be able to get that win and head to Cleveland to battle the Indians to advance closer to the World Series? My guess? I don’t know! Honestly I just don’t. These two teams are built for the playoffs, and due to just not being good enough this year they’re both holding on by the skin of their teeth. But wouldn’t it be nice to see ……



With the uncertainty of who is actually in this years playoffs with tonight’s match up we do know those who are actually in. The Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, Oakland Athletics, Detroit Tigers, St. Louis Cardinals, Pittsburgh Pirates, Cincinnati Reds, Atlanta Braves and the Los Angeles Dodgers are the teams still in the epic battle to be called World Champs. And if I could throw it all down on one team I’d actually have to pick two. Lucky for me the World Series game has two teams. So I’m putting it all in on a Detroit versus Los Angeles World Series. But then again we could see a Boston versus Cleveland game. Which would build some drama as the former manager of the Red Sox battling his old team. But what if the Cardinals and Athletics get in? A story of who would have thoughts. To put it bluntly, anyone could get in. Well of these few teams. But I’m certainly betting against the Reds… ehh.. maybe not.



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