TNA Babbles


We admit we are part of the Internet Wrestling Committee, but unlike the IWC we actually enjoy what’s broadcasted Thursday night on Spike TV. That’s where Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling showcases their weekly show Impact Wrestling. Check out what we have to say about the company… good, bad or ugly. We don’t hold anything back!

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TV SHOW BABBLES210681267_41dc9f8c28
We all enjoy watching the boob tube and sometimes a show sparks our interest to tell you about. Either it be one of the new shows out or a show that was out before we were even born.



We are a men site, and sometimes men need to hit other men. And sometimes in a controlled manor we do this while throwing around an odd shaped pigskin. But we’re just writing about that now.


MLB BABBLEScdc0146d-6b02-4b18-826b-6a269e3882a9news.ap.org_r620x349
It’s not called America’s Past Time for nothing. It’s one of our favorite sports here. And well, it’s just something we enjoy writing about.


Most of our babbles are written, well, scratched out by Hach. But sometimes, just sometimes someone else writes something down. From Ken to Matt to Rob and even back in the day Chris.


The Sports Entertainment company known as WWE. The longest reigning wrestling company with weekly television shows. We sometimes spit off about the good and bad of Vince McMahon’s favorite child.WCW BABBLES
While it may be did and gone… Sometimes, just sometimes we babble on about the glory days of WCW. After all we do like wrestling.POLITICAL BABBLES

Everyone can get into a heated battle about being on the left or the right. If they like that guy or hate Obama. So let’s see what we’re saying.


Every now and then we actually do something right. Check out some of our favorites and your favorites as voted on by how many times you’ve read them.


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